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How to Contain Rampant MDROs in ICU?

Aug 05 , 2023

Studies indicate that ICUs are the place of the most MDROs infections, 28.9%, in hospital, 5-10 times more than general wards. Patients infected with MDROs will not only have to stay longer in hospital and spend more on medical care, but also be threatened with infection-related deaths. Attention therefore shall be paid to the treatment and control of MDROs in ICUs.


Why is ICU liable to MDROs transmission?

  • Underly comorbidities exist (e.g., diabetes, renal failure, malignant tumor, immunosuppression)

  • MDROs feature extensive presence, fast transmission and long survival in environment, affecting remarkably the immunocompromised and senile populations.

  • In ICUs, the rather large circulation of people, medical devices and equipment prone to infection, and the frequent application of indwelling devices (e.g., central venous catheters, urethra catheters and endotracheal catheters) provide pathogens with the conditions to enter human body.

  • The medical staff who take care of several patients and come into frequent contact with them may also serve as a medium for pathogens to spread between patients.

  • Shared equipment and polluted articles like chamber pots, bedpans and drainage bottles may also accommodate or carry pathogens and lead to ICU-acquired infections.


Therefore, on top of strengthening patient care and further regulating the medical staff’s sterile operation, keeping a sound ICU environment is of great significance in the prevention and control of MDROs spread.


Start with environmental surfaces to contain MDROs

Statistics show that ICU patients infected with MDROs are surrounded with articles whose surfaces are somewhat contaminated with bacteria, and as high as 69.9% of the environmental and medical devices are contaminated. Articles that the patients use repeatedly (bedpan, chamber pot, drainage bottle, etc.) are more liable to contamination. Therefore, it is critical that the specified procedures for sterilizing reusable articles be followed strictly.


Take chamber pots for example. In WS 509-2016 Regulation for Prevention and Control of Healthcare-Associated Infection in Intensive Care Units stipulates that:



Advantages of bedpan cleaner & sterilizer?



The device can timely wipe out viruses that may exist in the environment, and protect patients, articles and environment simultaneously, preventing MDROs dissemination, reducing burden and improving effect. The sealed chamber cleaning and A0 value ≥ 600 thermal disinfection can effectively suppress clostridium difficile and other MDROs and prevent their spread by aerosol, reducing the exposure of the medical staff in their work and the risk of cross-infection.


The ICU patients are serious and complicated in their conditions and cannot take care of themselves, and mostly require intensive medical care at a staffing ratio of 1:3. Apart from that, the medical staffs also have to undertake some cleaning and sterilizing duties like disposing the excrements of the patients suffering from infectious diseases. With automatic bedpan washer and disinfection of hospital equipment, the medical staff will be able to devote their efforts whole-heartedly and safely to professional services and provide patients with a comfortable, fresh and healthy medical environment.


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