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Must-Knows about Early Rehabilitation for Stroke-Induced Hemiplegia Patients

Aug 06 , 2023

Cerebral stroke is a common, frequently encountered neural system disease, rather high in incidence rate, disability rate, mortality rate and recurrence rate. According to the latest statistics, there are 17,800,000 cerebral stroke patients among the Chinese population aged above 40, 3,400,000 new stroke patients are recorded, and 2,300,000 people died of strokes.



These people suffer from various dysfunctions including cognitive disorder, psychological disorder, aphasia, hemiplegia, etc., and it is commonly believed that the death of nerve cells cannot be reversed.


Effects of rehabilitation exercise upon stroke patients

Scientists have discovered in recent years that the functional areas of the brain can be reshaped, and stroke patients with dysfunctions having taken rehabilitation exercises may restore the corresponding functions.


Rehabilitation exercises stimulate the brain to reform, and about 50% of hemiplegia patients stand up and begin to walk after three months of exercises. In professional institutions with advanced rehabilitation equipment, this percentage can be as high as 70-80%.



The best time to start rehabilitation therapy? 


In the USA, patients stricken by stroke are transferred to the rehabilitation department in four or five days where rehabilitation specialists help them in recovery exercises. In China, exercises usually start 10 days after a stroke. In principle, the earlier the exercises start the better. Lying too long in bed will result in muscular atrophy, poor cardio-pulmonary function, osteoporosis, etc. Therefore, it is meaningful for both patients and their family to make use of the Prime Time for rehabilitation.


Ways to early rehabilitation


Overhead lifts as a ceiling lift system for disabled for early rehabilitation can minimize accidental injuries in rehabilitation exercises and help boost the patient motivation to rehabilitate.



The vest provides the patient with support to ensure his/her safety in exercise, and the rehabilitation therapist may correct any mistakes in the affected limbs. For example, as the affected knee cannot bend, the affected leg when moving forward always draw circles, which, as a matter of fact, is the outcome of wrong cerebral commands for the limbs. Attention shall be paid to this problem at the early stage. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to rectify after rehabilitation.


Besides, more ways of exercises like stairs and balance bars can be added based on the patient condition and rehabilitation needs to help improve patient balance and coordination ability, restore their muscle strength, stimulate bone formation, boost calcium absorption and utilization and the transmission of catabolites from muscle tissues and promote the functional regeneration of the central nervous system.


Early rehabilitation can greatly reduce the disability rate, mitigate patient pessimism, shorten stay in hospital and improve treatment effect, helping patients resume normal life as soon as possible, return to family and society and realize self-value.

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