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  • medical sanitizing machine

Medical Sanitizing Machine-1230C

The multifunctional medical sanitizing machine is mainly used in the special departments in the hospital, such as the operating room, ICU, TCM department and disinfection supply department. The hospital sanitation equipment is used for the pretreatment of surgical instruments and kidney basins and the washing and disinfection of cupping jars and slippers to ensure the safe use of reusable articles.

Specification of Medical Sanitizing Machine-1230C

Overall dimensionsWidth 598×Height 845×Depth 600 (mm)Waterproofing gradeIPX1
Rated voltage220V~Gross weight55kg
Rated frequency50HzNet weight45kg
Rated power1760W

Medical Sanitizing Machine     Medical Sanitizing Machine

Features of Medical Sanitizing Machine-1230C

  • A0 value conforms to ISO15883

    A0 value≥600, conforming to ISO15883, which can effectively kill the surface bacteria.

  • Energy conservation and environment protection

    The circulating water washing and hot disinfecting device are of low water consumption, low energy consumption, environmental protection and energy saving.

  • Good sound and thermal insulation performance

    Double-layer stainless steel base, and Double-layer solid door, with good sound and thermal insulation performance.

  • Large interior cabin capacity

    The cleaning chamber is designed with rounded corners, which is deeper and longer, with a larger capacity of the inner chamber to clean more utensils.

  • Safe door sealing system

    The machine is equipped with the safe door sealing system. The door can only be opened when the cleaning procedure is over to avoid dangers in the process of cleaning.

Suitable Scenario of Medical Sanitizing Machine-1230C

  • Suitable Scenario of Meddo Healthcare Equipment
  • Suitable Scenario of Meddo Healthcare Equipment
    Nursing homes
  • Suitable Scenario of Meddo Healthcare Equipment
  • Suitable Scenario of Meddo Healthcare Equipment
    Nursing institutions for the aged
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