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Capnography Module CAP201

Types Of Capnography Module CAP201

Benefits of capnography module CAP201

  •  no service calibration: Using a reference measurement via an additional measuring channel, the CAP201 also compensates for aging effects. They therefore rely on accurate measurements over the entire lifetime.

  • Reliable monitoring: with high tolerances in the range for temperature and other environmental influences, this CO2 module reliably provides highly accurate values at all times.

  • easy to integrate: with wide supply voltage and its small size, this module will fit in various devices and due to the flexible UART protocol it is easy to connect

  • integration services: being an experienced development service provider, the OEM manufacturer Corscience will support the integration in any host system to shorten time to market

  • easy to certify and approve: the CAP201 comes with a full documentation compliant to ISO 13485 standards, so its approval within your system is simple

  •  optimized for each environment: Either as compact and robust design for emergency service devices, optimized for high measurement accuracy in clinic or even MRI ready for up to 3 Tesla. We got a model for all ventilator or monitor systems.

How Does the Co2 Module work?

As well as the concentration of inhaled carbon dioxide (fiCO2), CAP201 records the maximum CO2 value at the end of the expiration phase (etCO2) and outputs it graphically as a measurement curve. This value allows conclusions to be drawn about the patient’s respiration and about the partial pressure of CO2 of the arterial blood (paCO2), determining this otherwise requires a blood gas analysis. Furthermore, etCO2 can indicate whether the tube is positioned correctly in intubated patients. The CAP201 capnography module works using the sidestream method. During this process, a pump continuously draws a small amount of the tidal air into a measuring chamber via a thin tube a thin tube attached to the ventilation hose system.

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