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Thickened Urinal for Bedridden Patients

Model: NH-I

Meddo Wholesale Urinal for Bedridden Patients selection – a dedicated range designed to meet the unique needs of those requiring care at home. Our urinals for bedridden patients offer practical solutions, ensuring comfort and hygiene. Explore the convenience of specialized urine bottles tailored for ease of use and optimal patient care. Choose our wholesale options for reliable, cost-effective solutions in enhancing patient comfort and well-being.

This urine bottle for bedridden patients is suitable for people who are bedridden for a long time or have reduced mobility after surgery. This bedridden urinal can be used in conjunction with Bedpan Washer Machine.

Specification of Thickened Urinal for Bedridden Male

FeaturesThis bedridden urinal is made with non-toxic plastic, making it safe to use. This urine pot for bedridden patients is convenient to handle, doesn't feel cold when in contact with the body, and is easy to measure and clean.

Features of Thickened Urine Bottle for Bedridden Patients

  • Non-toxic plastic, molded in one piece

    The urinal for bedridden is made entirely of non-toxic plastic materials, which are resistant to impact and safe to use. It is durable and reliable.

  • Meet high-capacity needs

    Large capacity of 1000ml with clear scale display, allowing for easy reading at a glance.

  • Odor-proof with a cover

    Meddo urine bottle for bedridden patients comes with a cover to effectively prevent the escape of odors and keep the air clean.

  • Smooth touch and easy to clean

    Easy to clean. After use, simply rinse with water and brush lightly with an automatic bedpan washer. For stubborn residue around the spout that is difficult to rinse off, it is recommended to flush it with warm water for better results.

  • Applicable scenarios: Homes, hospitals, community clinics, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, elderly care facilities, etc.

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