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Defibrillation Boards

Types Of Defibrillation Boards

Benefits of Shock360 Defibrillation board

  • Reliable defibrillation: Up to 360 J current-controlled, biphasic defibrillation pulse with impedance compensation as well as asynchronous and synchronous shock delivery for defibrillation and cardioversion

  • Pacing Option: With the optional attachable pacing board, Shock360 can be supplemented with the important function of transthoracic pacemaker therapy.

  • easy to implement: With this ready-to-use defibrillation Board you’re easily able to upgrade your AED or defibrillatior to a higher level, without putting your recources at risk.

  • integration services: Being an experienced development service provider, the OEM manufacturer Corscience will support the integration in any host system to shorten time to market

  • easy to certify and approve: The Shock360 defibrillation board comes with a full documentation compliant to ISO 13485 standards, so its approval within your system is simple

How Does the Defibrillation board work?

Shock360 is a powerful module that can be integrated into defibrillators for emergency operations and the clinical environment. Short charging times and a shock energy of up to 360 joules increase the probability of treatment. Continuous measurement of the patient’s resistance controls the individual shock discharge –patients with a high resistance will be defibrillated with a higher current than those with a lower resistance. In the biphasic pulse, a second, smaller pulse with reversed current direction is emitted after the first pulse. This eliminates fibrillations, without unnecessarily damaging the myocardium with current spikes. With the Pacing Board, Shock360 can also add the important function of transthoracic pacing therapy.

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