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Bed Alarm Sensor Pad

If you're in search of a reliable and cost-effective solution for your wholesale caregiving needs, look no further than the Bed Alarm Sensor Pad. This innovative device is designed to enhance the safety and well-being of individuals at risk of bed sores, making it an essential tool for healthcare facilities, nursing homes, and other institutions.

With its advanced sensors and user-friendly design, the bed alarm mat provides caregivers with real-time alerts, allowing them to promptly reposition patients and prevent the development of painful bed sores. Our wholesale options ensure that you can meet the demands of your caregiving facility while enjoying competitive prices and bulk discounts.

At Meddo, we understand the importance of providing high-quality ODM medical device that make a difference in the lives of individuals in need. Trust in the bed alarm and sensor pad to provide reliable and effective monitoring, ensuring the utmost comfort and care for your patients. Experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with this exceptional wholesale caregiving solution. Contact us today to discuss your wholesale needs and discover the benefits of the Bed Alarm Sensor Pad.

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Benefits of Using Bed Alarm Mat

  • Fall Prevention: Bed alarm mats are designed to detect when a patient leaves the bed without assistance. This helps prevent falls and injuries, especially for individuals who may be at risk due to mobility issues or cognitive impairments.

  • Timely Response: The alarm feature of the bed leaving sensor mat alerts caregivers immediately when a patient attempts to get out of bed. This allows for a quick response, ensuring that assistance is provided promptly and reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention: Bed alarm pad is also a typical type of bed sore products. It can used to prevent pressure ulcers or bed sores. By alerting caregivers when a patient has been in the same position for an extended period, the bed alarm sensor pad prompts timely repositioning, relieving pressure on vulnerable areas of the body.

  • Enhanced Safety: The presence of a bed alarm mat provides an added layer of safety and security for patients, particularly those who may be prone to wandering or disorientation. Caregivers can rest assured knowing that they will be alerted if a patient attempts to leave the bed unattended.

  • Peace of Mind: For both caregivers and family members, using a bed alarm mat offers peace of mind. Knowing that patients are being monitored and that assistance will be provided when needed can alleviate anxiety and improve overall well-being.

Maintenance and Cleaning of Bed Alarm Sensor Pad

  • The internal sensors of the bed alarm sensor pad are wrapped in silicone wrapped optical fibers, which need to be prevented from bending or pointing at large angles Scratch the surface with a sharp tool or perform strong rubbing.

  • The upper and lower silicone of the internal sensors of the alarm mat for bed are bonded with high-strength adhesive, and attention should be paid to preventing external forces Forced tearing and long-term use or storage exceeding allowable temperature to avoid adhesive aging.

  • The bed alarm mat should be protected from damage to packaging materials, and attention should be paid to the connection between cables and equipment during placement and use. Normal, not subjected to strong forces causing pulling and bending.

  • When placing the bed alarm pad above the mattress, please avoid small areas of large pressure squeezing the device ( jumping on the device).

  • Dynamic and other behaviors may lead to fiber breakage.

Who Is Bed Alarm Sensor Pad Best Suited For?

  • Alarm Mat for Elderly: Meddo bed alarm and sensor pad is mainly aimed at elderly care institutions or home-based elderly care groups, in order to better provide meticulous elderly care services for the elderly. According to the individual differences of the elderly, timely monitoring of their heart rate, respiratory rate, time and range of bedtime can be carried out, and the sleep quality of each elderly person can be recorded every night.

  • Alarm Mats for Dementia Patients: Bed alarm mats play a crucial role in fall prevention, wandering detection, bed exit monitoring, caregiver notification, and providing peace of mind. These functions contribute to creating a safer environment for individuals with dementia, allowing them to receive the necessary care and support while minimizing potential risks.

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