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CAP201 Emergency

Various areas of application place different demands on the technology. The CAP201 EMERGENCY features a compact and robust design. It works reliably over a wide pressure and temperature range, making it ideal for emergency medicine and first responders. Whether it’s measurement accuracy, resistance to environmental conditions, weight or flexibility in assembly - upon request, we can customize the capnography module to make it easier for you to integrate it into your technology. We offer optimized versions for all common areas of application.

Specification of CAP201 Emergency



Measurement range:

0 vol% to 16 vol%

Measurement accuracy:

0 vol% to 8 vol%:

± (0.26 Vol % + 5 % of real concentration)
8 vol% to 16 vol%:
± (0.43 vol% + 8 % of real concentration)

CO2 value output rate:

8 Hz or 40 Hz (selectable)

Rise time T10-90:

< 150 ms @ 80 ml / min

Start-up time (warm-up):

< 5 s

Power consumption

~ 1.0 W (+ 0.3 W with pump)

Size of board:

70 mm x 40 mm x 26 mm (LxWxH)


69 g (incl. pump)

Features of CAP201 Emergency

  • High accuracy sidestream CO₂ measurement

  • Low energy consumption and small footprint

  • Calculation of fiCO₂, etCO₂ and breathing rate

  • Compensation of aging and environmental effects

  • Occlusion and breathing detection

  • No recalibration in field required

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