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Case Sharing: Introducing Ceiling Hoists into Rehabilitation Ward

Aug 16 , 2023

Most patients in the recovery phase of diseases or with chronic diseases require long-term and sustainable rehabilitation, and community healthcare service institutions are the most convenient way to achieve this goal. Shanghai's 14th Five-Year Plan for Health Development proposes that Shanghai will list the construction of model community rehabilitation centers as the government project of addressing the people's practical concerns to cater to the higher level of aging and the increasing demand for high-quality health services from the public. As of the end of 2022, Shanghai has built 91 model community rehabilitation centers.



Yanji Community Healthcare Center in Yangpu District, Shanghai, one of the second batch of model community rehabilitation centers, has upgraded and renovated the rehabilitation wards and introduced modern rehabilitation auxiliary equipment- patient ceiling hoist. With the help of the walking training vest on the ceiling hoist, nursing staff can assist patients in walking to the ward, bathroom, and corridor, increasing their movement areas while ensuring safety.


Ward area


By achieving full coverage of the XY track system in the ward area, nursing staff can assist patients in sitting and standing up, meeting their daily living needs.


Bathroom area

The XY track covers the entire bathroom, facilitating patients' movement and daily bathing and toileting, thus reducing the risk of slipping in the bathroom.


Corridor area


Eye-catching surface marks are paved on the corridor. Patients with rehabilitation needs can use the corridor space with the help of walking aid, throwing and catching balls, etc. to exercise their motor abilities, such as walking, balance, and standing, in a safe environment, thereby helping them correctly control muscle activity for better recovery.

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