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Case Sharing: Introducing Ceiling Hoists into Hospital's Rehabilitation Hall

Aug 15 , 2023

With the implementation of the service mode of "seek medical help in the community for minor illness, go to the hospital for major diseases, and return to the community for rehabilitation", Community Healthcare Centers has kept improving their rehabilitation services, allowing residents to deepen the awareness of rehabilitation, and constantly expanding the scope of applicable targets.


It is reported that 45 model community rehabilitation centers have been built in Shanghai this year, contributing to the "Project of Addressing the People's Practical Concerns". Wuliqiao Community Healthcare Center of Yangpu District, Shanghai, one of the second batch of model communities, has renovated the rehabilitation center with more advanced service equipment, satisfying diverse scenarios. The spacious and bright rehabilitation area is equipped with various intelligent devices to meet all kinds of rehabilitation needs.


In the past, due to the dreary rehabilitation training, limited rehabilitation equipment in the community, and the long distance to Grade III Level A hospitals, patients with hemiplegia, cerebral hemorrhage, and other conditions gradually lost their enthusiasm for rehabilitation.





Now, Wuliqiao Community Healthcare Center has set up a physical training area, an occupational therapy area, and a speech therapy area. The Center has also introduced modern rehabilitation equipment - patient ceiling hoist, which, combined with the multifunctional stair climbing exercise, make the dreary rehabilitation training interesting. In this way, patients can improve their limb muscle tone, exercise balance, and recover some body functions, enabling them to return to normal life as soon as possible.


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