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Overhead Lifts Help ICU Patients with Postural Respiration Therapy

Aug 04 , 2023

Critical patients in ICU who have been kept in bed for an extensive period are prone to prognostic problems, and the ICU-acquired muscle weakness, in particular the disuse atrophy of respiratory muscles in patients having used mechanical ventilation, may result in:


  • Delayed withdrawal of respirator

  • Prolonged stay in ICU

  • More complications

  • Lower living quality after discharge from hospital

  • Higher risk of hospital infections

  • Higher mortality rate

  • Higher medical expense




The best approach to prevent the occurrence and development of acquired muscle weakness is to start exercise and rehabilitation as soon as possible.


How overhead lifts help with ICU respiratory rehabilitation?

A very important step in respiratory rehabilitation is to adjust the body position of the patient, who may in prescribed positions acquire higher respiratory airflow, help remove sputum and improve oxygenation and hemodynamic conditions.


Patient lifting equipment may help ICU patients with their exercises in various positions. At the beginning, seated slings can be used to assist patients in lying position to sit up, and then, walking vests may come in to put the patients in standing position. Sitting and standing are both good exercises for strength and respiration, during which, the amount of exercise need proper regulation for step by step progress.


4-pointed tilted lift helps transfer the patient from lying to sitting position safely


4-pointed tilted lift helps transfer the patient from lying to sitting position safely

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