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Meddo: Hospital Infection Control in Focus

Oct 30 , 2023

"Clean Hospitals Day"

This is an initiative launched by the Global Health Association to emphasize the importance of environmental hygiene. The primary goal is to raise awareness among hospitals and the public regarding the significance of disinfection and cleanliness in the medical environment. The initiative aims to share experiences, showcase cutting-edge technologies, promote high-quality development in healthcare, and ensure that hospitals or care facilities become safer places.



What's Clean Hospitals?

Clean Hospitals is a global environmental hygiene organization composed of internationally renowned academics, non-governmental organizations, hospitals, and industry experts. The organization's objective is to disseminate knowledge and information to improve infection control in the ward, making healthcare centers safer.


On October 19, Professor Didier Pittet invited experts from the domestic medical field, logistics service companies, disinfection equipment research and manufacturing companies for the "Healthcare Cleaning Closed-Door Meeting." The meeting aimed to discuss challenges and effective solutions in the global medical cleaning field.


Representatives from Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital, West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Logistics Management Research Institute of Fudan Hospital, Shanghai Fuyi Tianjian Medical Service Industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai Meddo Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., and others participated in brainstorming sessions. They shared foreign technological concepts, discussed the current status of medical disinfection in China, and explored the integration and application of infection control methods, means, equipment, and services for the high-quality development of hospitals.



Simultaneously, on Clean Hospitals Day, October 20, Professor Didier Pittet officially launched the Global Healthcare Environmental Hygiene Self-Assessment Framework (HEHSAF) in China.



Since its development in 2018, HEHSAF has been pilot tested in 51 medical institutions across 35 countries using early versions of this unique tool. The framework aims to help medical institutions identify areas for improvement in their environmental hygiene plans and conduct benchmark assessments in practice.


Professor Didier Pittet also shared a fascinating topic, "Bringing Healthcare Environmental Hygiene into the Public Eye," summarizing data and research information from the global environmental hygiene organization: Globally, 500,000 patients are infected daily due to hospital infections, leading to approximately 16 million deaths annually. No healthcare system can solve this problem unless hospitals strengthen infection control in hospital wards.



Within the infection community, about 40-70% of healthcare-related infections are caused by pathogenic bacteria contaminated hands, and approximately 20%-40% of healthcare-related infections are transmitted by the environment in medical settings. Standardized infection control measures within hospitals have proven to effectively prevent at least 50% of hospital infections.



Infection control not only reduces unnecessary national medical expenses but also greatly ensures patient safety, protects healthcare professionals, reduces disputes, and minimizes economic losses.



Green, sustainable development is a shared goal of countries, hospitals, and enterprises. Professional training, an effective assessment system, iterative and upgraded disinfection equipment tools, and high-quality and standardized services are the foundation of building an infection prevention system.




This gathering of experts, scholars, and cleaning enterprises in the disinfection and cleaning industry is undoubtedly another grand event for the global industry. Let us meet again at INTERCLEAN CHINA 2024 to jointly promote the high-quality development of the medical disinfection and cleaning field! See you next year.

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