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Meddo Medical Shows Tremendous Popularity and Constant Excitement in CSCCM

Aug 08 , 2023

On May 26, 2023, the highly anticipated 17th Congress of Chinese Society of Critical Care Medicine (CSCCM) of the Chinese Medical Association commenced with great success at the National Convention & Exhibition Center (Tianjin). This session attracted a large number of industry peers and spectators.


During the event, Shanghai Meddo Medical Devices Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Meddo Medical") showcased its visualized cleaning and disinfection room (automatic bedpan washercleaning and disinfecting medical equipmentfabric cleaning machine) and ceiling lift system for disabled. Let us follow the camera and witness the grandeur of the exhibition.




The visualized cleaning and disinfection room contributes to the standardization and smart IoT infection control in critical care departments, capturing the attention of numerous visitors. At this CSCCM, the hospital infection control smart equipment drew the interest and gained recognition of attendees. The upgrading of prevention of infection in the ward is increasingly gaining significance within departments. As hospitals strive for high-quality development, the small hygiene cycle has become an integral part of their overall upgrade and optimization plans.



Furthermore, the concept of critical care rehabilitation received recognition from clinical experts. From a clinical perspective, critical care rehabilitation plays a proactive role in facilitating the functional recovery of patients while significantly reducing the incidence of ICU-acquired weakness. There are several early rehabilitation interventions, such as bedside Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) training, which can effectively mitigate muscle atrophy and prevent joint adhesion, position-oriented respiratory therapy that drastically reduces the duration of mechanical ventilation and aids patients in early withdrawal from ventilation, and bedside standing balance and walking training, which motivates patients to actively regain their functional abilities.


Therefore, implementing critical care rehabilitation is a mutually beneficial approach that enhances department functions and patient recovery. It not only improves the turnover rate of hospital beds but also reduces overall expenditure costs, encompassing an efficient allocation of social resources.


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