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First Day of the Exhibition! A Glimpse into Meddo Medical at CHINAAID

Aug 07 , 2023

Covering an area of 40,000 square meters with the participation of 400+ reputable brands

Delving into the elderly care industry market 

Spearheading the silver-haired economy's innovative track

Interacting closely with industry-leading companies and renowned experts

Presenting a top-tier conference in the elderly care industry

With profound insights, extensive expertise, and genuine warmth



The 2023 Shanghai International Exhibition of Senior Care, rehabilitation medicine and Healthcare (CHINAAID) commenced on May 30, 2023 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. At the event, Meddo Medical showcased its "smart lifting system", "visualized cleaning and disinfection room", and "smart care series" at booth W5C12.



On-Site Report


The smart cleaning and disinfecting medical equipment bolsters the high-quality development of elderly care institutions, garnering broad attention from the audience.



Smart cleaning and disinfection room



By attentively listening to the product explanations provided by on-site personnel, visitors expressed their admiration for the high-degree professionalism, thoughtful service, and proactive brand spirit of Meddo Medical. Upgrading the intelligence levels of nursing areas at elderly care institutions, Meddo Medical received unanimous acclaim from customers during this exhibition, showcasing its strength through innovative and exceptional products from multi-faceted demonstrations.


Smart Lifting System

Additionally, the ceiling lift system for disabled captured the attention of visitors at this exhibition. Through live demonstrations by on-site staff, attendees could visually observe the application of the system in healthcare and rehabilitation. Examples included bedside CPM training, which effectively mitigates muscular atrophy and prevents joint adhesions. The system also offers positional breathing therapy, significantly reducing the duration of ventilator use and facilitating early withdrawal from ventilation. Moreover, bedside balance and walking training motivates patients to actively regain their functional abilities.




The rehabilitation equipment rental center attracted numerous elderly individuals, who experienced the shine rollator and were impressed by its safety and convenience.

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