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Event Recap | Meddo Medical Supports Infection Control at the Shanghai International Forum for Infection Control and Prevention (SIFIC)

Aug 08 , 2023

On June 1, 2023, the joint conference of the 19th Shanghai International Forum for Infection Control and Prevention (SIFIC) and the 7th Oriental Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection (OCAMRI) officially commenced.


This year's conference theme, "Building the Line of Defense Against Infections, Creating a Better Future Together", brought together over 4,300 professionals from various fields, including infection prevention and control, infectious diseases, clinical pharmacy, and microbiology. Representing diverse regions across China, these experts congregated in Shanghai to witness this profoundly interdisciplinary and multifaceted event. Together, they sought efficient strategies to ensure high-quality development in infection control, ultimately contributing to a healthier and brighter future for China.


As a professional medical solutions supplier, Meddo Medical showcased its cleaning and disinfection system, enabling hospitals to effectively reuse sterilized items. This comprehensive system sanitizes various materials, such as toilets, fabric items, and floor mops, meeting the specific disinfection demands of critical departments like the ICU, orthopedic wards, hemodialysis units, and infection wards, thereby establishing a small hygiene cycle within these departments.


The implementation of this small hygiene cycle harmonizes traditional hospital infection prevention and control with modern technological advancements. The system ensures the automatic handling of contaminated materials, surpassing the limitations of conventional infection control practices. As a result, hospital staff and patients benefit from enhanced hygiene and safety, effectively reducing the probability of nosocomial infections and improving ward environments.



Moving forward, Meddo Medical will remain committed to deepening research and development, aiming to optimize infection control in hospital wards. By continuing to assist hospitals in precise prevention and control measures, we will uphold the fundamental safeguard against nosocomial infections and navigate the path towards high-quality development.

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