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Popularization of Infection Control Science: Personal Protection of Medical Staff in Medical Institutions in the Middle of Global Pandemic by Professor Chen Wensen

Aug 12 , 2023

Lecturer: Chen Wensen, Professor of Jiangsu Province Hospital

Source of content: SIFIC Healthcare Micro-hygienic Cycle Helps Prevent and Control Covid-19

Topic: Personal Protection of Medical Staff in Medical Institutions in the Middle of Global Pandemic



COVID-19 prevention and control is a grim struggle to safeguard the safety and health of the people, and medical workers are the core force on the front line. Protection measures for medical workers are the key action to prevent them from being infected and reduce the risk of infection, an inevitable requirement to maintain their physical health and life safety, and an important guarantee to enhance the combat force to win the resolute battle to prevent and control pandemic transmission.


01 Variants against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic


During the three-year pandemic response, from the past Alpha, Beta, and Delta to the present Omicron, every peak of the pandemic outbreak is related to variation. Research shows that Omicron has high infectivity and low mortality and can be transmitted by air. Its most common symptoms are fever, cough, fatigue, and loss of taste and smell. Professor Chen said, "Old age and underlying diseases are important factors leading to severe conditions." In the face of the emergence of new variants, personal protection remains significant in preventing COVID-19.



02 How do medical staff take proper personal protection measures?

China has revised the national prevention and control strategies in the Technical Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Infection in Medical Institutions (Third Edition), i.e., to enforce internal and external prevention measures targeting medical staff, patients, objects, and environments simultaneously, and integrate "three protections" (personal protection, that is, standardizing staff behavior and strengthening behavior control; technical protection, that is, improving infection control skills and optimizing diagnosis and treatment processes; and "equipment protection", that is, scientifically using cleaning and disinfecting medical equipment).


Professor Chen from Jiangsu Province Hospital stated that PPEs should be selected properly, and wearing and taking off protective clothing should follow procedures (five keys and three fasts). In terms of human resources, applying mechanical disinfection based on the idea of the micro-hygienic cycle can avoid the differentiation of manual disinfection and reduce labor costs. Compared to the macro-hygienic cycle, it is more suitable in the clinic with higher efficiency. In response to COVID-19, hospitals' capabilities and hardware are gradually improving with the support of active response of local policies. For example, the notice of Jiangsu Province on strengthening the medical care capacity of COVID-19 in designated medical institutions emphasized that ICU units should be equipped with bedpan washer machine.


03 Personal experience

Adhere to the strategy of preventing inbound cases and domestic resurgences, continue to follow the dynamic zero-COVID policy, strengthen personal protection, and keep promoting vaccination work. Professor Chen said, "In response to COVID-19 prevention and control, the awareness, understanding, and power of execution of medical staff on infection control are improving, and people's understanding of the role and value of public health is also enhancing, thereby improving the ability of society to respond to sudden pandemic outbreaks and the overall social governance capacity of the city."


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