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Essential Precautions for Using a Hoist System for Disabled

Mar 15 , 2024

Hoist system for disabled is a type of lifting equipment specially designed for disabled people with mobility problems. It is designed to provide a convenient, safe and accessible means of vertical transportation. So what are the precautions when using hoist system for disabled?

Don't be Overweight

The first thing we should be aware of is that hoist system for disabled is like the lifts that are often used in the construction industry, there is a certain amount of load space. If the load is exceeded, the machine will not run and automatically stop the circuit system, so be careful not to exceed the load.

Regular Maintenance

During the use of the hoist system for disabled, as in the case of a wheelchair, it is important to regularly check that the parts of the machine are in good condition and that the parts are sturdy. If it is damaged or does not work, do not repair it yourself, but have it serviced by a professional.

Pay Attention to Cleaning

When the hoist system for disabled is not used for a long time, it can be folded and stored. But be careful to clean it before storage. Although the machine itself is generally made of stainless steel, it will inevitably be splashed by corrosive liquids in life. So it is best to clean it before storing it to ensure the service life of hoist system for disabled.

Connecting the Correct Power Supply

Hoist system for disabled is strictly prohibited to connect the wrong power supply. Check the voltage requirements before connecting. Overloading will increase the burden on the motor, and in serious cases, it will cause the motor to burn out. The solenoid valve on the motor should not be adjusted arbitrarily. The solenoid valve on the hoist system for disabled is pre-adjusted before leaving the factory, and the arbitrary adjustment will easily cause the internal pressure to become bigger or smaller, which will shorten the service life of the motor in serious cases.

To sum up, only the correct and standardized use of hoist system for disabled can give full play to its function of convenient, safe and barrier-free vertical transportation, and provide a more convenient and comfortable living environment for the disabled.

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