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Can Bedridden Elderly Only Solve Toilet Issues in Bed?

Nov 15 , 2023

As widely known, for elderly individuals in long-term care facilities, facilities like mobile commodes and bedside potties are often used to assist them with toileting. However, in reality, various challenges arise. Some elderly care institutions have adopted Meddo Medical's Ceiling Track System – a smart solution that not only addresses hygiene concerns but also enhances the efficiency of caregiving.

Common Toileting Challenges Faced by Elderly Individuals

  • Lack of Privacy and Dignity: Using a bed for toileting cannot provide the same level of privacy and dignity as a traditional bathroom. Individuals may feel a loss of independence and autonomy.

  • Discomfort: Toileting in bed may be uncomfortable for the elderly. Beds lack specially designed toilet seats and equipment, making them less comfortable than traditional toilets. Adjusting body position and posture may be necessary to accommodate toileting in bed.

can bedridden elderly only solve toilet issues in bed

  • Hygiene Issues: Toileting in bed requires prompt cleaning and disinfection to ensure hygiene and prevent infections. Caregivers need to take appropriate measures to clean bed linens, plastic bedpan with cover, or other related equipment to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

  • Splashing or Overflow from Bedpans: Due to the inability to adopt a sitting position while toileting in bed, bedpans may splash or overflow, leading to unclean bed linens and surroundings. Timely cleaning and changing of bed linens are required to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

While toileting in bed is a convenient and easily implementable method, it is not the only option. Nowadays, many hospitals and elderly care institutions are installing intelligent medical ceiling track in patient rooms.


Advantages of Meddo Medical's Intelligent Ceiling Track System

Enhanced Patient Experience, Regaining Dignity: By installing tracks on the ceiling, the ceiling lifts in hospitals facilitates toilet transfers, bath transfers, wheelchair transfers, and more, enhancing patient experience and dignity.

  • Personalized Care: Adapting equipment height and angles flexibly based on the patient's specific needs and condition ensures patient comfort and proper body positioning, enabling personalized care.

can bedridden elderly only solve toilet issues in bed 2

can bedridden elderly only solve toilet issues in bed 3

  • Increased Work Efficiency: Rapidly moving nursing equipment to designated positions reduces caregiver travel time and physical strain. Caregivers no longer need to manually push equipment or handle heavy loads, saving energy and time, and making the work more efficient.

  • Reduced Workload: Traditional caregiving tasks often involve frequent bending, lifting, and pushing, which can lead to caregiver fatigue and injuries. The use of an intelligent ceiling track system in patient rooms reduces repetitive physical labor, lightening the workload and lowering the risk of occupational injuries.

The application of a ceiling track system in patient rooms provides numerous benefits in caregiving, including increased work efficiency, reduced workload, a safer caregiving environment, personalized care, and enhanced patient experience. These advantages allow caregivers to focus more effectively on their tasks, providing patients with higher quality, more efficient, and comfortable care services.

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