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The Ravaging of Hospitals by Difficult Spore Bacteria: How to Prevent and Treat?

Nov 08 , 2023

Clostridium Difficile Infection (CDI) and Prevention Measures in Medical Facilities

Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) is currently the most common healthcare-associated infection globally. As a significant pathogen causing infectious diarrhea, especially pseudomembranous colitis, in hospitals and communities, it is increasingly gaining attention in the clinical field. Despite its significant harm, there are solutions to address it. According to reports, Meddo Medical has developed a fully automatic cleaning and disinfection machine – the Bedpan Washer Disinfector, capable of thermally disinfecting and eliminating multiple drug-resistant bacteria, including C. difficile and Staphylococcus aureus.

the ravaging of hospitals by difficult spore bacteria how to prevent and treat

Fecal-oral transmission is one of the main pathways for the spread of various infectious diseases, especially in specific places like hospitals, posing a severe threat to the health and safety of patients and healthcare workers. To cut off this transmission route, ensure public health, and prevent the spread of infectious diseases, we need to understand relevant knowledge about fecal-oral transmission and take appropriate measures to prevent it.

Risks of Fecal-Oral Transmission

Feces contain a large number of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other pathogens. If not properly handled after excretion or contact by healthcare workers, these pathogens can enter the human body through the fecal-oral transmission route, leading to the spread of infectious diseases. Especially in hospital departments such as the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and infectious diseases units, inadequately cleaned facilities like bedpans and urinals used by patients can become potential sources of infection, significantly increasing the risk of cross-infection.

Preventive Measures for C. difficile - Fecal-Oral Transmission

  • Strict Implementation of infection control in the ward Measures: Hospitals should establish strict infection control policies and procedures to ensure the cleanliness and disinfection of facilities and tools. Proper handling of patient excreta and waste must comply with regulations to prevent pathogen spread.

  • Emphasis on Personal Hygiene: Healthcare workers and patients should prioritize personal hygiene, especially after contact with excreta or using facilities like bedpans. Thorough handwashing is essential t

It is noted that some advanced modern hospitals worldwide are using automated equipment like the Bedpan Washer Disinfector, installed in soiled utility rooms, enabling staff to perform washing and disinfection tasks more quickly and efficiently, avoiding the risk of occupational exposure infections.

the ravaging of hospitals by difficult spore bacteria how to prevent and treat 1

the ravaging of hospitals by difficult spore bacteria how to prevent and treat 2

Advantages of the Bedpan Washer Disinfector

  • Comprehensive Disinfection: The bedpan sterilizer employs high-temperature thermal disinfection, ensuring that the disinfection level meets medical standards.

  • Cost Savings: The Bedpan Washer Disinfector can save costs associated with labor and equipment for washing and scrubbing, reducing overall cleanliness management costs.

Therefore, in specific places such as hospitals, particular attention must be paid to the cleaning and disinfection of facilities used by patients, like bedpans and urinals, to ensure the health and safety of patients and healthcare workers, promoting the high-quality development of infection control in hospitals and institutions.

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