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The Helper of Nighttime Management in Elderly Institutions: Intelligent Mattress

Nov 22 , 2023

With the intensification of population aging, elderly care institutions are playing an increasingly crucial role. The concept of smart elderly care is gradually entering these institutions. In such facilities, nighttime care has become a significant task. However, there are many challenges to overcome in the implementation process. As a company committed to the development of smart elderly care, Meddo Medical has introduced the intelligent bed alarm mat, which has helped many elderly care institutions address the challenges of nighttime management.

Common issues in elderly care institutions:

  • Staff Shortages: Elderly care institutions often have fewer staff members during the night compared to daytime. This shortage may lead to difficulties in handling emergencies, responding to unforeseen events, or providing timely assistance. It may also limit the supervision and attention of caregivers, increasing management challenges.

  • Nighttime Safety Risks: Elderly individuals may experience accidents during the night, such as falls, wandering, or discomfort. Nighttime elderly care facilities may struggle to promptly detect and address these issues.

the helper of nighttime management in elderly institutions intelligent mattress

  • Elderly Safety and Comfort: Nighttime management requires ensuring the safety and comfort of the elderly. Elderly individuals who spend extended periods in bed may face issues such as bed transfers, pressure sore risks, and nighttime sleep quality concerns. However, with limited nighttime staff, it may be challenging to provide sufficient personalized care, resulting in discomfort or reduced attention for the elderly during the night.

To address these challenges, elderly care institutions may consider incorporating smart devices such as the intelligent sensor mat for elderly (SMS15082) to improve nighttime management. In the era of smart elderly care, Meddo Medical's developed intelligent mattress has been widely adopted in numerous care institutions, effectively enhancing nighttime management issues.

the helper of nighttime management in elderly institutions intelligent mattress 1

Smart Sensor Mat

The smart bed leaving sensor mat employs a collaborative system of multiple sensors, including fiber optic sensors, acceleration sensors, and pressure sensors. By capitalizing on the subtle vibrations produced during the heartbeat and the undulations during lung respiration, it can sensitively and precisely capture vital health data such as heart rate, respiration, and body movements. Simultaneously, leveraging artificial intelligence and big data technology, the device performs real-time analysis of electrocardiographic data. Its level of accuracy meets the demands for medical-grade care.

the helper of nighttime management in elderly institutions intelligent mattress 2

Real-Time Monitoring and Alert Function

The smart falls sensor mat (SMS15082) is equipped with built-in sensors that can continuously monitor the sleep patterns and physical activities of the elderly. Connected to a monitoring system, caregivers can access real-time sleep data and health status information at any moment. For instance, the mattress can detect the elderly person's heart rate, respiratory rate, and body movements, issuing timely alerts for caregivers to take prompt action. This real-time monitoring and alert function contribute to enhancing the safety and health conditions of the elderly.

the helper of nighttime management in elderly institutions intelligent mattress 3

Prevention of Pressure Sores and Mattress Turning Function

Long-term bedridden elderly individuals are prone to developing pressure sores. The smart cordless bed sensor pad (SMS15082) is equipped with pressure sensing technology that can detect pressure distribution across various parts of the elderly person's body. When the mattress detects excessive pressure in a specific area, it automatically adjusts the support and angle of the mattress to alleviate pressure and prevent the occurrence of pressure sores. Additionally, the smart mattress can remind caregivers to turn the mattress at regular intervals, ensuring the comfort and blood circulation of the elderly.

Smart Alarm and Emergency Call Function

The smart bed alarm pad (SMS15082) can be equipped with an alarm and emergency call system to ensure that the elderly can receive timely assistance in case of emergencies. For instance, the mattress can detect falls or unusual activities and automatically send an alarm signal to caregivers.

Elderly care institutions should also strengthen nighttime safety measures, establish effective communication and coordination mechanisms, continually optimize the quality of nighttime services. By implementing various measures, elderly care institutions can better cope with the challenges of nighttime management. Meanwhile, Meddo Medical remains true to its mission, keeping abreast of the trends in smart elderly care development, optimizing elderly care service resources, expanding the content of elderly care services. This ensures that elderly care institutions can better meet the nursing needs of the elderly, providing a safe and comfortable living environment, and offering a better life experience and care for the elderly.

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