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Good News for Cerebral Palsy Patients: Sky Track Training System

Oct 27 , 2023

According to relevant data, there are currently 4-5 million cerebral palsy patients in China, and this number is increasing at an average rate of 40-60 thousand people per year. "One person with cerebral palsy, the whole family suffers, seeking medical treatment from all directions, and owing money from all sides" is a true portrayal of most cerebral palsy families. Proper neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery can shorten the rehabilitation period, but post-operative rehabilitation training is an important guarantee for improving and restoring their potential functions. Meddo Medical Devices provides specialized rehabilitation equipment - the Sky Track Walking Training System - for post-operative rehabilitation needs.


Symptoms of cerebral palsy:

Motor disorders, poor self-control, severe cases cannot grasp objects with both hands, cannot walk with both feet, and some cannot even sit up.

Postural disorders, abnormal posture, poor posture stability, habitual head tilting to one side, or rocking back and forth.

Intellectual disabilities, among cerebral palsy children, only one-fourth have normal intelligence.

Language disorders, difficulty in language expression, unclear pronunciation.

Cerebral palsy patients usually face motor disorders, and walking training can help improve their motor abilities and quality of life. This device developed by Meddo Medical Devices, the Sky Track Walking Training System, can help cerebral palsy patients overcome motor disorders in various ways. Here are some methods to improve motor disorders in cerebral palsy patients using the Sky Track Walking Training System:


Sky Track combined with a walking aid

Individualized assessment and planning

Firstly, medical professionals will conduct a comprehensive assessment to understand the patient's specific needs and types of motor disorders. Based on the assessment results, an individualized rehabilitation plan will be developed to meet the patient's specific rehabilitation goals.


Sky Track combined with a balance pole

Balance and coordination training

The ceiling lift system can provide balance and coordination training to help cerebral palsy patients improve posture control and stability. This is important for preventing falls and improving stability in daily life.

Gait improvement

Patient lifting equipment can be used to improve gait and help cerebral palsy patients walk more freely. By simulating walking movements, patients can learn how to use muscles and joints more effectively.

Progressive training

Sky Track rehabilitation training is usually progressive, gradually increasing in difficulty and intensity to ensure that patients gradually adapt to new movement patterns and levels of ability.

By using the Sky Track for reduced weight-bearing gait training, users can have a realistic walking sensation, which not only improves their confidence and initiative in rehabilitation but also effectively promotes the recovery of their physical functions. Therefore, the application of the Sky Track Walking Training System can minimize the rehabilitation period and restore functional disabilities as much as possible, achieving the goal of returning to society.

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