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How to Effectively Clean Bedpans Using an Automated Washer Disinfector

Mar 25 , 2024

If you’ve recently acquired an automated bedpan washer disinfector for your hospital’s sluice room or in your care facility, or if you’re simply looking for a refresher on how to optimally utilize your device, this guide is for you. Ensuring that your reusable medical utensils are thoroughly emptied, sanitized, and dried is crucial for safeguarding both you and your patients or residents against potential infections. Here’s everything you need to know to achieve proper operation and complete disinfection.

Transporting Reusable Utensils

When moving any reusable utensils such as slipper pans, bedpans, commode inserts, and urinal jugs to the sluice room, ensure they are covered. It’s also essential to wear protective gloves and an apron to maintain cleanliness.

Initiating the Washer Disinfector

Meddo's automatic bedpan washer is designed with hands-free technology for opening and closing, minimizing the risk of transferring microbes from gloves onto the machine, which could then be passed to others.

To open the washer disinfector, simply position your foot in the foot cup at the base of the machine, and the lid will automatically open for use.

Loading the Machine

Before loading, inspect the interior of the machine to confirm it’s empty and clear of any inappropriate items.

These machines are directly connected to the sewage system, allowing you to load utensils without prior emptying. They can dispose of human waste and toilet paper. However, avoid placing non-flushable items like gloves, diapers, or wipes inside.

Ensure that urinals, pots, and bedpans are correctly positioned in the rack as per your machine’s instructions. This alignment is crucial for the effective dispersal of water and cleaning agents by the wash nozzles, ensuring proper disinfection. Incorrect loading could lead to items not being cleaned properly or causing obstructions.

Avoid overloading the machine to ensure the water jets can effectively reach and clean all items. A pictorial guide near the machine can assist with correct loading. If unavailable, request one for ease of use.

Starting the Wash Cycle

Some models feature a hands-free mechanism to close the lid, reducing infection risks. Depending on your machine’s settings, you can activate this by a hand wave, foot gesture, or it may close automatically. Avoid manual closure to prevent contamination.

The wash cycle begins shortly after closure. For manual models, ensure you’re wearing gloves to minimize infection spread when starting the machine.

Addressing Faults

An alert will notify you of any blockages or chemical shortages. If this occurs, contact your facilities department for resolution. DDC Dolphin offers maintenance services for all washer disinfector models.

Post-Wash Cycle

Monitoring isn’t required during the cycle. A digital display will indicate the chamber’s temperature, and a green light signals completion. The machine’s steam heating to 80 degrees Celsius for 60 seconds effectively eliminates 99.9% of micro-organisms.

You can then open the machine and safely remove the items, which will be cool to the touch, for storage.

Cleaning the Machine

Daily cleaning of the machine’s exterior is necessary to eliminate any residing microbes. Meddo bedpan washer machine  feature antimicrobial coatings to further prevent microbial growth.

Use a mild, non-abrasive detergent for cleaning. After opening the lid, turn off the power for safety during cleaning. Wipe the machine’s exterior, lid, and seals with a sanitized cloth.

After cleaning, reactivate the power. The machine is then ready for its next use, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for both caregivers and patients.

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