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Ceiling Mounted Hoist Systems: Assisting Patients with Physical Disabilities to Walk

Mar 01 , 2024

In order to further meet the needs of patients with physical dysfunction who require early rehabilitation training, but are unable to bear weight on the ground, a variety of high-tech rehabilitation equipment has been developed in the field of rehabilitation in recent years. The most notable is the advanced ceiling mounted hoist systems.

What Are Ceiling Mounted Hoist Systems?

Ceiling mounted hoist systems reduce the intensity of nursing care by transferring patients in a safer, more comfortable and dignified way. Ceiling mounted hoist systems are composed of motorized lifting and shifting machines, rails and slings, pockets, and motorized shifting machines controlled by operating handles. They can safely and conveniently transfer the elderly, disabled or other patients between beds, chairs, wheelchairs, commodes, etc. 

Applications of Ceiling Mounted Hoist Systems

Training with ceiling mounted hoist systems is a new approach to rehabilitation based on functional reorganization of the brain and neuroplasticity. With the help of rails, suspension head, remote control, and suspension devices, the ceiling mounted hoist systems help patients with limited mobility to exercise safely and flexibly in a weightless state. Ceiling mounted hoist systems provide weightlessness and protection during the training process so that the patient can start the rehabilitation training as soon as possible in a safe state.

Rehabilitation for Hemiplegic Stroke Patients

Stroke and hemiplegic diseases bring unbearable suffering to patients. Sudden stroke will cause nerve damage and limb dysfunction, and the biggest wish of many patients who enter the rehabilitation department at a later stage is to be able to walk. Whether it is passive limb training or active assistive training, all of them are laying the foundation for standing and walking, and the emergence of hospital lift equipment has given patients a ray of hope.

To sum up, ceiling mounted hoist systems have injected new vitality into the field of rehabilitation with their excellent performance and wide application prospects. We believe that lifting machine in hospital will play an even more important role in the rehabilitation training of patients, bringing health and hope to more patients.

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