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A Good Partner for Rehabilitation - Ceiling Hoists

Aug 17 , 2023

Popularization of science

The ceiling hoist system is an emerging rehabilitation training auxiliary device recently. With a flexible track system, the track is installed on the indoor ceiling. Patients wearing suitable hanging clothes are safely suspended with a sliding lifting head along the track so that they can be transported to different functional areas in the ward.


What can ceiling hoists do for you?

The ceiling hoist system can safely and efficiently assist nursing staff in medical and elderly care institutions in patient transportation, greatly reducing the risk of patients falling during transportation. Different types of hanging clothes are available for use in various environments, such as toileting, bathing, transportation of patients in a wheelchair, and transportation of patients lying in bed, allowing safe transportation of bedridden patients with limited mobility in different functional areas.


The convenient ceiling mounted patient lift with a high load-bearing can reduce the workload of nursing staff and achieve the goal of completing the transportation work with one person, which reduces the labor cost of the institution in patient transportation, protects the safety of nursing staff, and reduce the risk of waist muscle damage caused by transportation, thereby saving the overall cost of the institution.


Patient transportation

The ceiling hoist system can conveniently transport patients from the bed unit to the bedside wheelchair, bathroom in the room, and central bathroom of the floor. The patient lifting equipment can be set in the function test room of hospitals and institutions to assist in safe patient transportation and reduce labor intensity and incidence of work-related injuries for nursing staff.


Weight-loss walking training

The early intervention of weight-loss walking training aims to enable patients who do not yet have independent walking conditions to receive early walking training. By stimulating the generator for the spinal locomotor pattern generator and the locomotion center in the brain and activating the sensory and motor areas of the affected cerebral hemisphere, patients can walk faster, with bigger strides, enhanced walking endurance, and better balance. Through active gait training with complete cycles, patients' lower limb muscles engage in a lot of repetitive training, thereby preventing disuse and enhancing the training effect.


The mobile hoist system helps patients with standing up, gait, and walking training, which is suitable for patients with hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, paraplegia or Parkinson's disease, patients who underwent knee arthroplasty or hip arthroplasty, and other groups who need gait training.


Conduct rehabilitation training with the help of assistive devices

By combining the ceiling hoist system with relevant rehabilitation devices (such as assistive walkers, balance bars, and lower limb trainers) that provide certain support and protection for patients in training, patients wearing suitable walking vests can improve lower limb muscle endurance and mobilize their initiative to exercise for a speedy recovery.


The utmost significance of the ceiling hoists is to enable patients to have an optimistic and healthy attitude to receive treatment. The system can better maintain the mobility of patients in need, allow hospitalized patients to feel safe and keep a proactive mind, and reduce dependence on nursing staff.

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